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The Places We Call Home

A series of scrapbook inspired collages using midcentury era Vogue fashion features from their digital archives and Detroit Publishing Company Postcard collection from the New York Public Library digital archives featuring some of the places that have impacted my life so far. Places I’ve spent the most time in my life, places that hold special memories, places that honor my heritage, and places I’d like to see next.

Each collage features some of the natural elements found in these places and the Vogue fashion spreads are pulled from articles highlighting the specific area.


‘Places We Call Home' No. 01-05:

‘Places We Call Home’ No. 1, New York 

Vogue March 1955, ‘Italy: A Natural for America: The Young Look That's in 1955 Italian Fashion’ photographed by Wanda Gawronska 

‘Places We Call Home’ No. 2, Burlington, Vermont
Vogue | January 1, 1947
‘American Skiers’ Census’ by Alice D. Kiaer, photographed by Frances McLaughlin

‘Places We Call Home’ No. 3, Puerto Rico

Vogue July 1959
‘In Puerto Rico’, photographed by William Klein

​‘Places We Call Home’  No. 4, Tacoma, Washington
Vogue | June 1, 1939
‘This Way to the Beach’ photographed by Toni Frissell


‘Places We Call Home’  No. 5, Orlando, Florida

Vogue December 1939
‘South: Places to Go and Things to Wear’ photographed by Toni Frissell

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