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A digital custom collage made to capture special moments and memories


Collages take 7-10 business days to create.


Customers MUST contact Tiana via the Contact Page, linked here ( in order to arrange the details of your custom collage. 


Collage Details:

All Collages are in digital form, but are provided in both CMYK (for personal printing) and RGB (for social) formatting.


Collages are offered at 8”x10” which is supported in social media platforms as well as for printing purposes. Collages are permitted to go through 2 rounds of revisions to ensure customer satisfaction.


Custom Collages are STRICTLY For personal use only.

Custom Collages are prohibited from promotional use.

All collages are sent in digital format. You are permitted to share your collages on social media platforms with appropriate artist credit and a tag to my art page. 


For large-scale projects / collaborations/ collages for promotional use, please head to the contact page.

Custom Collage

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